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Gunstar Heroes - Retro Gameplay
Sega Mega Drive turned 26 just yesterday, so this Throwback Thursday Retro Gameplay had to celebrate it. And as huge 2D shooter lovers, we thought best way to say happy birthday could be by playing the incredibly innovative and fun Gunstar Heroes. Despite being Treasure (Ikaruga, Sin & Punishment) debut title, it's still one of genre's best nowadays. Exclusively published by Sega for its 16-bit console in 1993, this action-packed platforming, shooting and side-scrolling adventure mixed together a fresh combinable weapon system (which would become the studio's hallmark), a nice range of close-combat and movement actions, and a great selection of mid and end-level bosses. We couldn't get a second player to join this time, but if you can (game is now available on a bunch of digital platforms), there aren't many better ways to recall Mega Drive golden years on its anniversary. Check out the frenzy and how to survive for a while with just 1% of vitality...
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