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Microsoftin Xbox Games Showcase -lähetyksessä esiteltiin muun muassa Avowed, jonka kimpussa on Obsidian Entertainment. Trailerin mukaan luvassa on ensimmäisen persoonan fantasiaroolipeliä, jolla on koon puolesta enemmän yhteyttä The Outer Worldsiin peliohjaaja Carrie Patelin mukaan. Moisesta kommentista on eri mieltä pelinkehittäjä Briar Diem RPGcodex-foorumilla. Diemin mukaan Avowed on sekä avoin että iso, joten älkäämme verratko peliä The Outer Worldsiin.

Avowed julkaistaan vuonna 2024.

"Codex always gives a good, wild ride! This thread is bonkers but 100% warranted. The trailer fails to show much in its 2 minute run time. To clear up misconceptions though I'll say this, the game is big and open, it is unfair to compare it to OW (I think Feargus is trying to keep expectations down just in case), which I think it is nothing alike.

The studio that did the trailer did some compression of colors and image editing, the screenshots that have been released are much more representative of what it looks like just running through it (they also are appear to be totally random shots from the game, I'm not sure why these were chosen out all the things, probably to keep spoilers at minimum). A lot of the game is being kept hidden right now, I think you will have to wait until the next trailer or some sort of presentation to really see it, but it is safe to assume it is very Obsidian :lol:. No, the entire game isn't all bright and happy town, no it is not all so indistinct visually. There are lots of characters, quests, conversations, various game mechanics, big story, etc.

I guess take that as you will. Dumpsterfire comments are bit overhype, development is going well right now, MS is allowing Obsidian free license to do as they will, and if it is success or fails it'll be on Obsidian's own terms."


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