Centclip: Booooo
Lauritzen94: Sup guysngirls!
sejefyr: hey lau
Centclip: Yo
Lauritzen94: Do any of you know this game?
sejefyr: no
Lauritzen94: Me neither
Solfinn: Live in a moment :)
adrian-eylers: hello :D
Solfinn: Hey :)
Lauritzen94: Hey
Xalie: hi
Lauritzen94: Hey
Xalie: Centclip are you mad at me or? just asking :)
over: who iz ze germanz ?
Lauritzen94: game developers
over: K, i kinda guessed, but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to say Ze Germanz
MSS: helloe
over: hello
Lauritzen94: So dori you got to play more Evolve yesterday, or was nobody playing?
Kenneth Gant: 1
over: 2
Lauritzen94: 3
over: 4
Lauritzen94: 5
over: 6
Lauritzen94: .
Lauritzen94: .
Lauritzen94: .
Lauritzen94: .
Lauritzen94: 7
over: 8
Lauritzen94: 9
over: 10!
Lauritzen94: BUM!!
over: no
Claus: test
John_Daedalic: Hi!
Solfinn: Hello :)
John_Daedalic: John here (obviosly), Producer on Blackguards 2
John_Daedalic: If you have any questions regarding the game just shoot ;-)
Solfinn: We're having problems with the stream. You can watch it on youtube
Solfinn: Refresh the site and it should be working again
John_Daedalic: If he manages to keep the spider alive he'll have it later in his camp and it will grow over time ;-)
John_Daedalic: And you don't have to destroy all the crates. There's only loot in the chests!
John_Daedalic: Awwwww :D