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Are you the fastest Dirt 4 racer in the Nordics?

Join our Dirt 4 Nordic competition and find out whether you are one of the fastest behind the wheel of Codemasters’ acclaimed racer. We’re looking for the very best, and so we ask all you racers out there to participate by putting in a time on the Wildwood First Sprint in the Ford Fiesta R2 TACH Motorsport in the first rally event in the game’s campaign. The fastest times on the leaderboard are our winners!

So, if you love to do scandinavian flicks in between the trees and want to win great prizes doing so, join us below.

The competition ends on the 23rd of August 2017 at 12.00 CET

Cool Prizes

You have the opportunity to win som truly awesome prizes if you’re one of the fastest players in the competition:

  1. 1st Prize: Thrustmaster T150 Pro Force Feedback (Awarded to the overall fastest time on the leaderboard).
  2. 2-5th Prize: Thrustmaster TMX FFB for PC/XboX or T150FFB if you prefer PS4. (This is awarded to the fastest time in each Nordic country, unless you’re the overall fastest of course!)
  3. 5-10th Prize: Dirt 4 Hoodie or T-shirt, randomly selected.
If you have any questions, please email

Note: Any score that cannot be verified on the online leaderboard on Xbox One / PS4 / Steam according to the rules will be removed from the competition without warning.

Any handling mode is allowed


Rank Nickname Time Platform Country
1 gheeD 01:02.980 PC fi
2 Sepponaattori666 01:03.167 PS4 fi
3 dddTORSBY 01:03.216 XBOX se
4 Hadji 01:03.354 XBOX se
5 Greenfin75 01:03.399 PS4 fi
6 RunKillCapture 01:03.438 PS4 dk
7 AatuLiimatainen 01:03.479 PS4 fi
8 Zuhnuboy 01:03.505 PS4 fi
9 bborgqvist 01:03.522 XBOX se
10 ostmossa 01:03.566 PS4 dk
11 Kakashi_Raikiri1 01:03.624 PS4 no
12 RallyMastah69 01:03.639 PS4 se
13 ebinKissa420 01:03.906 PS4 fi
14 Kackibracki 01:04.215 XBOX dk
15 civicshelf 01:04.467 XBOX no
16 Seikotic 01:06.129 PS4 dk
17 ra67se 01:07.242 PS4 dk
18 ODINtroill 01:10:235 PS4 no
19 sebastho 01:11.194 XBOX se
20 DEX_PS 01:16.951 PS4 dk
21 MagnusG 01:35.28 PS4 dk
22 Testingagain 01:35.29 PS4 se
23 testGR2 01:36.08 XBOX dk

Note: Any score that cannot be verified on the online leaderboard on Xbox One / PS4 / Steam according to the rules will be removed from the competition without warning.

Signup and Qualifying

Follow these simple steps to join:

  • Befriend Gamereactor on the platform you wish to participate on, by searching for “GamereactorLive” on either PlayStation Network, Xbox Store or Steam.
  • Boot up your copy of Dirt 4, and navigate through to the Wildwood First through the Dirt Clubman Cup in Michigan. There’s only one race in this event, and that’s the one you’re looking for. Race through it, and when you’ve put your very best time, take a screenshot of it, and make sure to record your winning run.
  • Fill in your personal information in the form below and submit. You can try as many times as you like to improve your time. If you end in top 20 you’ll need to provide us with the screenshot of your result, as well as the aforementioned video of your winning run. You’ll be notified if this is needed*.

* If contacted, you must supply us with your video and screenshot within 48 hours.