Dolph Lundgrenin mielestä nykyajan toimintatähdet ovat naurettavia

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1980-luvun toimintaelokuvista lihaksineen muistetaan muun muassa Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Lou Ferrigno ja Dolph Lundgren. Nyt sitten viimeksi mainittu on kommentoinut toimintaelokuvien nykytilaa haastattelussa.

Lundgrenin mukaan nykymeno on sellaista, että kuka tahansa voidaan tehdä lihaksikkaaksi, jos halutaan. Wanhoina hyvinä aikoina oli oltava aidosti lihaksikas.

"They're very good now. I mean, people are very good at putting these things together. Back in those days, you took somebody who could take their shirt off and have real muscles. Now, you take somebody who has won an Academy Award, put them in a suit, and he looks like he's got muscles. Some do have real physiques, but in those days, Stallone and Schwarzenegger and Van Damme, they were really physical specimens that you can look up to, not just as an actor or as a character, but as a person, as a man."

"There's another feeling when you watch Conan the Barbarian with Arnold. You really believe it. You really believe it's him doing it. There are no quick cuts. They're not trying to hide the double, because he doesn't have a double, because you couldn't get a double for Arnold. Well, maybe in a long shot, but how could you double Arnold's physique? There's no way. He had to do it all himself. It was the same with me and Sly in Rocky IV, all that boxing. We didn't have doubles. It was us."

Dolph Lundgrenin mielestä nykyajan toimintatähdet ovat naurettavia

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