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NeptuNo ei kisaa Espanjan paidassa Overwatch World Cupissa

Alberto 'NeptuNo' González on Overwatch-pelaaja, joka kuuluu Philadelphia Fusionin joukkueeseen Overwatch Leaguessa. Heppu ei kuitenkaan pelaa World Cupissa. Hän paljasti asian TwitLonger-postauksessa.

"I made this decision long ago but did not want to make it official until I was back home. I got really burnt out during OWL Season1, I gave everything I had to improve as a player and make the team better. It was a good run and probably the best experience I've ever had in my life."

"And after so many months of non-stop scrims, thinking about the game, what can we improve as a team, what can I improve, how can I be a better teammate, going into stage and give everything every single time... kidney stone during 45 days, tonsillitis, stomach acid problems, sleep problems... I've decided that the best for me as a person and player is to not participate in the World Cup. I want some free time and focus on having fun in the game I love and stop being tilted-annoyed-stressed for a while."

Photo: Overwatch League