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Houston Outlawsin Mendo ja Clockwork eivät enää kilpaile

Aiemmin tällä viikolla raportoitiin, että Overwatch League -joukkue Houston Outlaws oli antanut kenkää Russell 'FCTFCTN' Campbellille. Nyt muutama muukin pelaaja on saanut lähtöpassit joukkueesta.

He ovat Lucas 'Mendokusaii' Håkansson ja Matt 'Clockwork' Dias, mutta heidät siirretään vain uusiin rooleihin. Mendokusaii siirtyy sisällöntuottajaksi, ja Clockwork taas on vain "ei-pelaajan roolissa".

Clockwork on julkaissut TwitLongerissa kantansa tilanteeseen.

"My future playing Overwatch in any competitive capacity is uncertain [...] I know that I'm a highly talented FPS player, and despite my age, I'm confident I have the abilities to compete in existing titles and any new ones on the horizon. However, I also have a penchant for organization and behind-the-scenes work. For the time being, I believe it will be better to translate those skills into something tangible and use my experience to help my teammates reach their potential. As a recently-retired OWL player, I have both the context and individual skill to help my teammates in ways many other coaches and staff cannot. For those of you who have always supported me, you have my appreciation. If you liked watching me compete and you want to see more, this may not be the end of my competitive gaming career."

Photo: Overwatch League