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Overwatch League yhteistyöhön Fanaticsin kanssa

Overwatch League on julkistanut uuden yhteistyösopimuksen Fanaticsin kanssa. Kyseessä on Fanaticsin ensimmäinen askel e-urheilun maailmaan.

Activision Blizzard Esports Leaguesin chief revenue officer Brandon Snow on iloinen yhteistyöstä.

"Our collaboration with Fanatics—the first between a major esports league and a global sports merchandising company—allows us to reach even more fans and to provide them with high-quality merchandise and a best-in-class retail experience where they can shop for all our great Overwatch League gear. Fanatics has a proven track record of success with major sports brands and we're excited to work with them in expanding this part of our business."