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Washington Justice reveal their whole roster

They'll play on February 16.

Washington Justice's Overwatch League brand has only just been revealed, and while we already knew that Hyeong-seok 'WizardHyeong' Kim would be the head coach, we didn't know the roster. Through a series of tweets though, that's all changed, as we've been shown the entire team, mixing American and Korean players.

This squad includes Jun-hwa 'Janus' Song, Corey 'Corey' Nigra, Ethan 'Stratus' Yankel, Kim 'Sansam' Hyang-ki, Chon 'Ado' Gi-hyeon, Riley 'Fahzix' Taylor, Mun 'Gido' Gi-do, and Cho 'Hyeonu' Hyeon-woo.

The team's first match will be played on February 16 at 16.30 ETC (21.30 GMT), where we'll see them face off against heavyweights New York Excelsior. Can they win this?

Photo: Overwatch League