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Washington Justicen Kate Mitchell eläköityy Overwatchista, taustalla paniikkikohtauksia ja ahdistuneisuutta

Washington Justicen assistant general manager Kate Mitchell on paljastanut eläköityvänsä Overwatch Leaguesta Stage 2:n lopussa, toisin sanoen 13. toukokuuta.

Hän sanoo kohdanneensa toksisuutta Redditissä.

"it's impossible to ignore, though, that I've also been confronted with toxicity and casual cruelty from strangers that outpaced anything I saw in years in gaming and politics, especially from people on Reddit. I've been on Reddit for over ten years, and have seen both its strength as a tool for community building and solidarity and its dark side, empowering false rumors, giving attention and ad revenue to muckrakers and liars, and fostering a culture where fans delight in the pain and 'juice' from voyeuristically watching for negative moments in the professional careers of players and staff."

Mitchell kertoo myös kokeneensa paniikkikohtauksia ja ahdistuneisuutta.

"Most mornings before our matches I'd throw up from the stress."

Photo: Washington Justice