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Supercars and Gfinity delivering second Supercars Eseries

This includes iRacing as the competition platform, and you can register for open qualifiers starting in July.

Supercars has announced an exclusive partnership with Gfinity Esports Australia to deliver the Supercars Eseries' second outing with iRacing as the competition platform, starting in August and running until the end of the Supercars season.

12 teams will fight it out in the tournament, with Boost Mobile Racing among them, and players can be selected from the Gfinity Supercars Eseries open qualifiers. Registration opens in July, at which point you can try your luck.

"This is a great opportunity to embrace and engage the growing Supercars fan base and esports community," Supercars CEO Sean Seamer said. "The partnership with Gfinity will help engage a new generation of fans and offer a pathway for sim drivers to showcase their skills in our cars against our best teams and drivers."

"We are very excited to be partnering with Supercars and taking their esports strategy to a new level," Gfinity Esports Australia CEO Dominic Remond adds. "Racing titles are exciting and easy to comprehend, with a significant crossover into real world motorsport."

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Photo: Supercars