Brazil to broadcast esports on TV with new channel

The channel, Loading is looking to reach a similar style of content already popular on the internet.

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Esports has once again crossed into mainstream media, this time as a brand-new broadcast channel coming to Brazil. The channel called Loading is looking to produce the kind of content that reflects the esports culture already succeeding on the internet, also with plans to expand further down the line.

Loading has already lined-up a series of industry names to help ensure the channel excels in quality, as well as even looking to show its content on-demand and on social media, to become an omni-directional channel.

Speaking to The Esports Observer, Loading CEO Thiago Garcia said; "Loading is not just TV, but an omnichannel platform, The content will be customisable, making the best use of the characteristics of each platform. All of that content will be made available to the public free of charge."

"Esports and games have been in our DNA since Loading's conception. The platform was born to embrace and give voice to this community in Brazil. We are passionate about esports and games, and we can guarantee that we will have many attractions about this universe, including a daily program on the subject and the broadcast of competitions, but for strategic and confidential reasons under contract, we are not yet able to reveal more information about the acquisition of rights."

Would you like to see a similar broadcast channel in your region?

Brazil to broadcast esports on TV with new channel

Thanks, The Esports Observer.

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