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The Seoul Dynasty's Gesture has retired from competitive Overwatch

The main tank player is an OWL Champion and one of the most iconic members in the scene.

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Earlier this week, we reported on the changes that the Seoul Dynasty was making to its active line-up, where it released three of its members with a fourth retiring. Unfortunately, this isn't the only change that is happening to the team's roster, as main tank, and inaugural season OWL Champion Jae-hee "Gesture" Hong has announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch as well.

Gesture has played for the Seoul Dynasty for the past two seasons, where he even managed to finish as a runner-up in the Grand Finals in 2020. Before this, Gesture was part of the London Spitfire, the first OWL championship roster, where he played for the organisation for two years.

As part of the announcement, the Dynasty released a statement that said, "We would like to thank Gesture for everything he has brought not only to the Seoul Dynasty but to the Overwatch community as a whole and wish him nothing but the best as he moves on to the next chapter of his career."

Gesture then followed this with his own statement, saying, "I wouldn't be here if everyone wasn't there to support me, and, again, I'm grateful to have such amazing fans and teammates. I haven't decided exactly on what I'll be doing in the future. I don't know what I will be and I won't be pro gamer Gesture, but I will never forget all the emotions and the love that I got.

Thank you again, and, hopefully, I will be back in the near future to share my future career."


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