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Life is Feudal: MMO
  • 24. heinäkuuta 2017
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Crafting System


All medieval crafting professions are presented in this game with good details and realism levels. For instance, to craft an iron ingot playerneed to:

Prospect surface for underground metal ore

Dig a tunnel until hehit the ore vein and see iron ore on the tunnel walls

Mine it and bring on the surface in a wheeled cart

Dig out some clay to build a clay furnace

Chop a tree, it will fall down, then playerwill be able to saw out some firewood out of the log

Fill the furnace with ore and firewood and light it on (playercan also create charcoal in the kiln if hewant hisfurnace to be more effective)

After some time iron lumps will appear in the furnace. Those lumps can be later smelted in the furnace, forge or bloomery into full sized ingots

In total there are 30 different crafting professions.