Hurmaava seikkailupeli Europa on lykkääntynyt kesään

Pelin halutaan olevan oikeassa kunnossa julkaisussa.

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Hurmaava seikkailupeli Europa piti olla tulossa PC:lle 16. huhtikuuta. Julkaisua on nyt kuitenkin lykätty tuntemattomaan tulevaisuuteen, jonka pitäisi olla "kesän kuluessa".

Pelin luoja Helder Pinto on julkaissut Steamissa blogin, jonka mukaan julkaisu halutaan suorittaa sitten, kun peli on hyvässä kuosissa.

Europassa ollaan androidi Jupiterin kuussa, josta on tehty Maan kaltainen.

"This was a very hard decision and came after a lot of discussion between myself and the rest of the team. Europa began as a side project I created alone, and in the years since it has grown more than I ever could have dreamed, though we are still working in the evenings and weekends around our day jobs. I'm very proud of what we've done together - which is why I can't stand the thought of releasing the game before it's in the condition we want it to be. Unfortunately, it looks like that'll take a little bit longer than we expected."

"I know a lot of people have been excited for the launch, and I'd like to apologise, and ask that you kindly hold on just a little longer. I promise the extra time will be well spent, and I really believe the final work will be worth the wait. We'll let you know the new date as soon as we're 100% confident we're ready to launch."


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