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Reijo T Lipponen
Reijo T Lipponen
Reijo T Lipponen
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Laitan tämän tänne, jotta se ei varmasti häviä, kun käytin paljon aikaa tekstin kääntämiseen:
Nestor Shoemaker Reijo T Lipponen how's a basic ps4 can beat an xbox one x? basic ps4 is more sharper than xbox x? do u know what u talking about?
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Kyle Armstrong Reijo T Lipponen you're definitely incorrect about RDR2 looking better on PS4. That's for sure.
However, Xbox One X is definitely shipping with QC issues. Soldering and the actual boards that they're using are terrible. My one X died right after the warranty so then I felt compelled to open it up and I was shocked in a bad way. I'm in a weird spot right now where I'm using my XOS and I miss the XOX terribly but I'm not going to support what I saw in that system. Especially for how much it is still going for.
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Reijo T Lipponen Nestor Shoemaker Yes! I've GTAV and RDR2 on both consoles, and both looks much better on PS4, that's a fact. In GTAV and RDR2 for example clothes different part colors are visible and if there is only one color, it looks deeper, when playing with PS4. Comparing to XOX you can't see different stripes or textile's fibres, but with PS4 you can. It makes your experience more full, when you see lots of more details of the character's clothes. In GTAV there is ad's and different fascias whose texts looks more colorful and sharper in PS4. In XOX they are scruffy when comparing. In both games lights, campfires or anything that brings light are more bright in PS4 than XOX. So, both games looks very nice at night in PS4 and XOX-version is poor.
I've been gold-member in Xbox Live now ten years and mostly played many games in Xbox 360 and Xbox One (Until it stopped working about a year ago), then I bought XOX. In those years my gamerscore has increased to about 45000, though I've mostly played GTA4 and GTAV every day. I'm some kind of a "hardcore" videogame player.
Playstation 4 was my spare console and I've played with it very little. The reason I bought PS4 was, that I got mad long time ago when I've to send Xbox 360 to repair after every half year. It went to Germany, where they repair it. It took two weeks every time and those weeks was terrible, 'cause I've to play with Playstation 2 and when I had seen X360's power comparing to PS2 it was hard to me go back to short drawing distance time.
Though, I decided, no more that shit again. So, I bought later Xbox One (Because I have high gamer score) and about a year after that PS4 mostly 'cause I want to play Final Fantasy X-X2 remastered, GTA3, GTA: Vice City and some other games, which I play occasionally nowadays.
Well, now it's time to send Microsoft console to repair again. The difference comparing earlier playing years is that now I have PS4. So, I knew that the day when XOX will stop working is to come someday. Now it's the day! Earlier I make sure, I don't have to stop playing GTAV or RDR2 even console breaks, 'cause those games were waiting on PS4, but I had not played them.
Now, when I take XOX to repair, I've test how those games works with PS4. Now, you must understand that I've massive knowledge about GTAV and RDR2 in XOX. That's why I can see things anybody else only occasionally games playing can't notice. You see, comparing me, to U, is if you compare a pro to a rookie.
So believe me. I know what I'm saying: Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online are much more better experience in PS4.
And there is a few other things I like better in PS4: when I play Red Dead Online, I don't need microphone. I hate those headsets I had to use in Xbox Live. No, Playstation Network has put a microphone inside the controller! And it's very high quality mic. It takes sounds and voice very well. As a lonely old man here is no noisy children or a nagging girlfriend or wife, so only my coughing may disturb other players in those games. And in GTAV the PS4 controller has been put good use, 'cause U get phone calls throughout it's speaker. That makes immersion much more better.
It is obvious, that Microsoft lies, when they say Xbox One X is the worlds most powerful game console. It maybe true in the paper when one checks out the technical facts and other specs, but you can't see that in the videogames I'm talking about. It may be, that game makers can't use the hole potential of the console and PS4 is easier. That's why it can beat "The worlds most powerful game console".
I think I make XOX a spare console after it comes back and continue mostly with PS4. I don't care anymore my high gamer score in Xbox Live. I want to play videogames which looks good and are also a good innovations Like Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online. It is highly possible, that my next generation console will be Playstation 5. I'm tired to Microsoft's lies.

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