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Making of... (videot)

No Man's Sky Beyond - Sean Murray On His Game Design Journey
*As No Man's Sky release their most ambitious update yet, who better to kick off our series of in-depth developer interviews than Sean Murray? He talks about the evolution of No Man's Sky, the technical challenge of VR and procedural design, and the journey Hello Games have taken.


MediEvil - A Behind the Scenes Look with Other Ocean
*Take a peek behind the curtain and hear about the design of MediEvil for PlayStation 4 with the staff at Other Ocean Interactive.


The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan - Dev Diary Movie Night Mode Trailer
*Gather around with your friends and dive into co-op Movie Night mode for up to 5 players. Earn rewards and see who had the quickest reactions, survived, and performed the best in each thrilling decision available to you in Man of Medan.

Arte Et Labore
Interview : Talking about Tamarin, a Unique Nature, Rare, and Nintendo inspired 3D platformer coming to PS4

Q : Push Square: To start with, can you give us a brief overview of what Tamarin's all about?
Q : Tamarin's blend of 3D platforming and free-aim shooting isn't a gameplay mix that we see all too often these days. Why did you opt for shooting rather than more traditional action-based combat?
Q : When you first started creating concepts for Tamarin, what were your main inspirations?
Q : Why did you go for incredibly cute monkeys versus evil insects?
Q : Tamarin's environments have been described as Nordic. Why did you choose Nordic landscapes as the backdrop for Tamarin?
Q : Can you tell us a little more about the gameplay structure in Tamarin? Are there collectables? Can you upgrade your abilities? Are the environments quite open, or are they more linear?
Q : With well known and much loved video game composer David Wise behind Tamarin's music, what do you want to accomplish with the game's soundtrack?
Q : To finish things off, how would you describe Tamarin in just one word?


WRC 8 | Replicating Reality - Physics Dev Diary

Arte Et Labore
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