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TV Shows not appearing in Series Folder


I have an issue where all of my TV shows will not appear in the Series folder. However, they do not appear in the Movie or Titles folder. The only two places they appear are in the Folders folder, and in the Unknown subfolder in the Genre folder. So at least Serviio recognizes that they are not Movies. I have all my videos arranged in a XBMC structure -- movies and TV shows are in their own folders with the .nfo file, jpg, etc. And Serviio is set up to read the XBMC files for Metadata.
Here's an example of the folder and naming structure: /volume1/video/TV SHOWS/The Wire/The Wire - 4x05 - Alliances.avi I've renamed all my TV shows with FileBot, Serviio is set to scan the folder, and I've rescanned the library several times over the past several days. But yet my TV Shows will not appear in the Series folder.
I'd also love to post my log file... I can view it on my NAS menu, but it won't let me cut and paste it or download it! Any idea how to get it?

Please help.

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Suomenkielinen foorumi. Language of this particular forum is Finnish. Maybe ask this on the English GameReactor site.