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Welcome to Gamereactor’s Nordic Rainbow Six: Siege tournament!

Join us in our Rainbow Six: Siege tournament on PC, to find the best teams in the Nordic!

The tournament will be divided into 2 divisions:

1. Division: Platinum 1 - Diamond players.
2. Division: Copper 4 - Platinum 2 players.

Highest ranked player (highest rank in all seasons) will determine which division you will compete in.

Both brackets will be Bo1 double elimination.
Finals will be Bo3.


1. Division:
1st place: 1200 R6 Credits
2nd place: 600 R6 Credits

2. Division:
1st place: 600 R6 Credits


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I have read and accept the rules

You have to be 16+ years old to participate in the tournament.

If you’re 13+ years old, you need consent from your parents.

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