The King of Fighters XV
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Siksi King of Fighters XV ei ole tulossa Nintendo Switchille

Yasuyuki Oda sen paljasti Gamescomin humussa.

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King of Fighters XV saa pian uuden laajennuksen nimeltä Team Samurai. Gamescomissa päästiin haasttelemaan tuottaja Yasuyuki Odaa, mutta puhe siirtyi pian Nintendo Switchiin.

King of Fighters XV ei ole ainakaan näillä näkymin tulossa Nintendo Switchille laitteen teknisten rajoituksien vuoksi.

"Yeah, so, obviously if you do have a Switch, you know, there's a lot of our retro content, you can play almost every SNK retro fighting game on there. And we did look into it a lot both all the way to King of Fighters XIV and even XV. One of the biggest issues with KoF is that when you have three characters and you have to, you know, load all of their assets between rounds and such. It really wasn't a good fit for the specs and the technical limitations of Switch. It's one thing that was really troubling us, we would love to do it, we're always thinking about it, but no plans at the moment".

The King of Fighters XV

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