Spirittea tekee päivityksellään 1.0.3 satakunta korjausta

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Cheesemaster Games lanseerasi pelinsä Spirittea 13. marraskuuta, ja jo tuolloin ilmoilla oli ristiin pelaamisen mahdollisuus. PC-pelaajat saivat jo aiemmin päivityksen, ja nyt ovat vuorossa Nintendo Switchin ja Xbox Game Passin käyttäjät.

Päivitys 1.0.3 on ulkona, ja korjattuna on satakunta bugia. Lista korjauksista laitettiin maailmalle Discordissa.

  • Fixed the issue where the Spirit Vision sometimes got stuck on

  • Made the Karaoke easier - there are fewer pesky octopuses now and we've rebalanced what counts as correct and incorrect!

  • Made Fishing easier, with bigger, clearer prompts to help keep you on track (and won't crash if you fish somewhere odd!)

  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck fishing (and not just because it's addictive!!)

  • Added a whole ton of new animations and sounds, including insects fluttering, spirits getting gooey and NPCs having naps!

  • Made sure Fae always calls you by the right name (who even is Dan??)

  • Made sure if your stamina hits 0, the game still works as intended

  • Fixed a whole host of towel-related problems. Lost your towels? The game has you covered now! Have wet towels and nowhere to put them? The wet towel table now works as storage!

  • Speaking of storage, we've TRIPLED the amount of storage you have, so go crazy catching fish and stealing people's slippers!

  • Dozens and dozens of other fixes and new additions!

PC tuntuu olevan aina etusijalla, joten seuraavia korjauksia on luvassa konsoleillekin tulevaisuudessa.

  • Miko and Amelia aren't overlapping each other when preparing kimchi anymore

  • The Karaoke minigame controls and difficulty got a tad easier

  • You can't sell some of the shrine items anymore, you sillies

  • Sora calls you by your proper name now

  • The Stinker statue is no longer called a sun melon!

  • You can't accidentally put towels in your backpack

  • Fixed more disappearing towel issues

  • Those last 2 figurines now count even if you already got them

  • Fixed a ton more crashes

  • Leigh now talks to you, the cad

  • Songs won't layer over each other anymore

  • When cooking at home, you can now see the extra storage space

  • That dang "Fall is Coming" painting won't appear all over the place anymore


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