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Tunic ottaa ilon irti Playstation 5:n ominaisuuksista

Andrew Shouldice kertoi Game Help -ominaisuuden hyödyntämisestä Gamescomin humussa.

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Tunic julkaistiin maaliskuussa 2022, ja 27. syyskuuta peli saapuu Playstation 4:lle ja Playstation 5:lle. Pelin luoja Andrew Shouldice kertoi Gamereactorille Gamescomin humussa, miten ilo otetaan irti Playstationin ominaisuuksista. Apua antavaan Game Helpiin on erityisesti panostettu.

27. syyskuuta Tunic saapuu myös Nintendo Switchille.

Gamereactorin arvion pääsee lukemaan täällä.

"Game Help is a brand new PS5 feature that allows us to activate, at any time, assistance that helps you find collectibles, or progress through certain parts of the story. And Tunic is a game full of secrets and collectibles in the form of pages written in an unknown language that the fox collects and where there are clues, maps and so on. So if those pages are an extension of the game, PS5 Help is a step further in this feature."

"We realised that when people talk about the game and ask for help, there are other people who say 'Hey, try looking at page such and such', or 'Have you tried looking around this area recently', and they put them in the right direction, just like Game Help does."


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