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Bethesdan mies Todd Howard on kertonut Falloutin tulevaisuudesta Kinda Funny Gamescastissa. Howardin kommentointi ei ollut selkeää, mutta ehkä työn alla on kaksi uutta Falloutia?

"I can't reveal it now, but here's our runway for Fallout: season two (of the show) is happening; what are we doing on mobile, what are we doing in 76, what are we doing with this thing, what are we doing with this other thing, when are these landing. Again, if I could snap my fingers and have them all out and ready, I would, but the main thing is, how do we deliver these at a high-quality level? That's always the most important."

Fallout sijoittunee jatkossakin Yhdysvaltoihin, eikä moista asiantilaa olla muuttamassa.

"My view is, part of the Fallout schtick is on the Americana naivety. For us right now, it's okay to acknowledge some of those other areas, but our plan is to predominantly keep it in the US.

It's okay to leave mystery or questions. What is happening in Europe? What is happening here? I think those are good things. In Elder Scrolls, everybody wants to kind of go to these other specific lands, and I think I'm known for saying the worst thing you can do to a mysterious land is remove the mysteriousness."

Lisäksi Howard ylisti Obsidian Entertainmentin Fallout: New Vegasia, johon Bethesda tuntuu suhtautuneen sanalla sanoen kummallisesti vuosien ajan.

"First, I'll say they did an amazing job with New Vegas. I will say Feargus (Urquhart), who runs Obsidian, is absolutely one of my favorite people in the videogame industry. He's been around for so many decades, has done so many things and has seen it all. They did a fantastic job. I can't speak to things that we're doing with the franchise in the future, obviously, but New Vegas is a very, very important game to us and our fans."

Amazon Prime Videon oman Fallout-sarjan toisella kaudella ainakin osa tapahtumista sijoittuu kuin sijoittuukin New Vegasiin.

"Obviously, season two is going to be featuring some of New Vegas and we're careful about maintaining the key events of that game and the great content in it. It is obviously difficult to deal with when you're going back to an area where a game had multiple endings. We have some answers there, but it's hard to sort of canonize or say, this is exactly how that game ended. So, whenever we can I like to avoid it, like, don't refute anything that happened, be careful when you're specific about what happened. We want that game and what the players did to be their reality and true."

Fallout 5

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