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Killer Instinct jatkaa hioutumistaan. Kehittäjä Iron Galaxy on koko ajan kuunnellut pelaavaa yleisöä, joten sekin auttaa.

Päivitys 3.6 on nyt julkaistu. Rukari Austin jakoi aiemmin esimulkaisun uudesta hahmosta Twitterissä. Hahmo näyttäisi olevan intiaani nimeltään Kilgore.

Killer Instinct

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3.6 Patch Notes:
• NEW FEATURE! You can play Shadow Survival without owning a Shadow. This is a great way to earn SP!
• NEW FEATURE! New content can be unlocked by achieving benchmarks in Shadow Lords Archives. The meter is also visible on single and multiplayer menus.
• Here's what you can unlock!
- Gargos Platinum Skin
- Gargos Gold Skin
- Orchid Full Character!
- Jago Retro Unlock
• NEW GUARDIANS (They drop later)

Shadow Lords:
• Fixed an issue that would cause UI Issues when viewing Shadow Leaderboards while in active game play
• Player can now quickly feed Astral Charges to an empty guardian from the Mission Select Loadout!
• Player can now hold up to 5 of each Guardian Type! (increased from 4)
• Player can cycle through all available Guardians (of each type) without having to return to Guardian Select menu,
• Godlike is now locked until player beats Gargos on Challenging.
• Fixed an issue with the War Room Leaderboards Widget not updating in-real time

• Added 300 KI Gold purchase option to Store!

BIG System Changes (as discussed with community!):
• Breaking a combo now restores 50% of your potential damage (was 100%)
• Passive potential damage regeneration now begins after 3 seconds (was 1 second)

Huge thanks to the community for their feedback on these changes. We are looking forward to seeing how they effects the game in your hands, and to hearing your thoughtful feedback after playing for a few weeks. For those that missed the discussion, these changes are intended to lessen the reward for a successful combo breaker and raise the value of longer combo attempts. They are also intended to lessen the chaos after a successful breaker by leaving the players in a predator/prey situation that favors the player who was able to open his opponent up. As a result of the PD lingering for longer and breakers not restoring all PD, you will also see some tuning to the characters that specialize in dealing lots of PD in this update.

• Shadow Endokuken damage reduced by ~25% [This change will lower Jago's unbreakable damage a bit, and lower the total life swing in Jago's favor when using Instinct Endokuken Juggles.]
• Shadow Endokuken is now -6 on block at point blank range (was -4) [Shadow Endokuken is no longer safe on block at very close ranges.]
• The 2nd fireball thrown automatically during Instinct mode has had its meter gain reduced by 50% [Jago's meter gain was still just a bit high. This change should hopefully be in the final step in bringing his meter gain to where we want it.]

• Opener Shadow Cold Shoulder damage increased by ~15%
• Linker Shadow Cold Shoulder damage reduced by ~15% [These two changes make the damage output from the opener and linker version of this move identical. Glacius' unbreakable punish damage goes up slightly, and his lockout combo damage goes down slightly as a result.]
• Fixed a bug that could prevent Shadow Hail from spawning if your back is to an Aganos wall.
• Fixed a bug causing the startup of Shadow Cold Shoulder to be missing its hurtboxes.

• Opener Ichi Ni San damage reduced by ~20% [Orchid still hits like a truck, but doesn't use her other openers very often, even in confirm/punish situations. Thus, we've lowered the damage output from her Ichi Ni San rekkas just a bit.]
• Uncharged Shadow Shockwave deals 6 frames less blockstun and has 15 more frames of recovery. It was +9 on block, and is now -12. [This move is still situationally safe, depending on spacing and matchups, but its value for keeping other unsafe moves safe via Shadow Cancelling is lower.]

• Searing Skull meter gain reduced by 25%. [This is now a 50% increase over its original value, down from the 100% increase from last update. We went a little too far, but Spinal's meter gain increase is still substantial.]
• Fixed a bug causing Shadow Summon to Summon 4 skulls instead of 3 during Instinct. No bonus skulls were intended during Instinct.

• Energy Bolt damage reduced by ~30%
• Heavy Eye Laser damage reduced by ~37% [Fulgore is getting a bit too much damage off of his projectiles alone, so we are toning their damage output down to encourage a more varied play-style.]
• Devastation Beam Potential Damage reduced by 30% (This pairs with the PD/Breaker change)
• Instinct mode reworked:
- No longer sets your spin speed to maximum.
- No longer prevents you from losing spin speed as you normally would when using energy systems or getting knocked down.
- Now gives you access to cost-free pip cancels for the duration.
[Fulgore was simply building far too much meter. He could completely ignore his own meter mechanics until instinct was available to him, pop it, and be loaded for the rest of the game. This is a big change that will force Fulgore players to respect how their meter works (attacking to build and maintain spin speed, zoning and teleporting to deplete it). It is a berf, however, because Fulgore's Instinct just got much scarier. If you use energy systems aggressively during instinct, however, you won't gain much meter during the mode. We feel this change makes Fulgore play much more thoughtfully, and we are looking forward to your feedback after playing as, or against, Fulgore.]

TJ Combo:
• Fixed a bug preventing TJ from performing linkers after his opener Shadow Flying Knee

Kan Ra:
• Shadow Clutch is now immune to projectiles until its active frames are over. [This won't affect too many matchups, but in a few where Kan-Ra is cornered and his opponent is throwing projectiles from a range where he cannot contest, this should help a great deal.]

• Demonic Despair is no longer strike invulnerable on startup. (This pairs with the Breaker/PD changes)

• Reduced meter gain on Inferno by ~44% [Cinder was building far too much meter from this move.]
• Reduced PD inflicted by Flame Stream and Burnouts by 30% (This pairs with the breaker/PD change)
• Fixed a bug where certain character ground combo breakers were not removing Cinder's burnout status effect.
• Fixed a bug that could cause OTG Detonators to sometimes whiff specific characters in specific screen positions.

[Developer's note: We feel Aria may be the strongest in the game, but we didn't want to change her interesting playstyle when trying to reel her back in. The PD/Breaker change was intended to impact Aria more than other characters, encouraging Aria players to switch bodies more often. This is a playstyle Aria was designed for, but we simply are not seeing out of successful Aria players. This adjustment may be a difficult one, but we feel strongly that Aria has a very large amount of untapped potential in keeping all three bodies alive for more of the match, in more frequent switching, and in more direct "counterpicking" by playing the bodies in different orders. Experiment, learn, and give this one a little time.]

• Reduced Lv1 Damage Ender damage by 66%
• Reduced Lv2 Damage Ender damage by 40% [Arbiter's Damage Ender was hitting unusually hard, especially for his playstyle.]
• Shadow Overhead Slash is now -1 on block (was +3)
• Shadow Lunge Slash is now +2 on block (was +6)
• Light Overhead Slash is now -2 (was 0)
• Medium Overhead Slash floats in the air a bit longer, hits on frame 32 (was 28) and is 0 on block (was +2)
• Heavy Overhead Slash floats in the air longer, hits on frame 37 (was 32) and is +2 on block (was +3) [Arbiter is meant to be a zoning character with limited rushdown capabilities when supported by Sticky Grenades. These frame data changes will make him easier to deal with on the attack and hopefully encourage a bit more thoughtful play.]
• Grenade respawn timer increased to 18 seconds (was 15) [Arbiter still seemed like he was never without Grenades. This final tweak to the regen speed should make their use a little more thoughtful.]

• Reduced PD inflicted by Vampire Mist by 30% (This pairs with the breaker/PD change)

General RAAM:
• Reduced PD inflicted by Kryll Storm by 30% (This pairs with the breaker/PD change)
• Fixed a bug causing Kryll Rush, Shadow Kryll Rush, and Shadow Emergence to fan the flames as if they were Punch moves.
• Fixed a bug causing the Kryll Shield animation to get stuck during Instinct if cursed by Kan-Ra.
• Fixed a bug causing reversal special moves to not be possible after RAAM's LK Flipouts.

• Fixed a bug that could cause Shadow Meteors to keep falling after performing a counter breaker.
• Fixed a bug causing the Lv1 version of the Crushing Destroyer Ender to cause a hard knockdown.
• Fixed a bug causing shadow stomp to deal no chip damage

No Changes:
- Sabrewulf
- Thunder
- Sadira
- Maya
- Riptor
- Aganos
- Hisako
- Shadow Jago
- Kim Wu
- Tusk
- Rash
- Gargos

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