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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V saa tänään uuden Survival-pelimuodon


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ilmestyi viime syyskuussa, mutta Konami haluaa edelleen pitää yllä pelin moninpeliä. Tänään siihen ilmestyy uusi patch, joka sisältää varsin mukavankokoisen listan uusia ominaisuuksia, parannuksia ja korjauksia. Mukana on muun muassa uusi Survival-pelimoodi. Tarkemmat tiedot tästä ja muista uusista herkuista voi lukea kuvan alta.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

New "SURVIVAL" mode has been added. Detailed Info
You can play SURVIVAL even if you don't have the EXPANSION PACK "CLOAKED IN SILENCE" , as long as you have a minimum of one (1) SURVIVAL TICKET.
10 (non-stackable) SURVIVAL TICKETS are distributed during the regularly scheduled maintenance each week. SURVIVAL TICKETS do not carry over week upon week.

Stats Display
It is now possible to view the personal stats screens of other players. (*1)
Other players' personal stats screens can be viewed from the briefing screen, scoreboard, ranking screen, etc.
Please note that some parameters are not displayed, such as the names of the player's characters and the number of MB Coins possessed by the player.

Voice Pitch
A new "Voice Pitch" setting has been added to the "Voice" settings in player character creation.
There are 9 different levels from -4 to 4. The Voice Pitch setting for pre-existing characters is 0.
You can set Voice Pitch when creating a new player character.

Random BGM
"RANDOM" has been added to the list of BGM Sets you can select on the briefing screen.
A BGM Set will be selected at random from the entire pool of BGM Sets.
Your BGM Set will not change in the middle of a mission.

Balance Adjustments
Adjustments have been made to the damage applied to fulton balloons attached to players as well to fulton balloons attached to the missile in "SABOTAGE". (*2)
The settings for changes in rank have been changed for each mission type.
Before: A large change in rank for AUTOMATCH, a small change in rank for CREATE MATCH/SELECT MATCH.
After: A large change in rank for SURVIVAL, a small change in rank for AUTOMATCH, no change in rank for CREATE MATCH/SELECT MATCH.
The amount of GP obtained from each type of game mode has been changed.
Before: Large amount from AUTOMATCH, small amount from CREATE MATCH/SELECT MATCH.
After: Large amount from SURVIVAL, small amount from AUTOMATCH, no GP obtained from CREATE MATCH/SELECT MATCH.
Adjustments have been made to the trigger detection conditions on placed weapons such as claymores.
Reduced the influence of latency on player actions. (*3)

When standing still, the player character's head will now turn in the direction the camera is facing.
Rank will now not be updated when joining in the middle of a game.
When Dedicated Hosts send preset text, their names will now be displayed in yellow.
A maintenance notification will now be displayed on the game screen before a new maintenance begins. (*4)
The mission objective window can now be hidden via the option settings.
New preset texts have been added.
Score logs are now displayed while on the kill screen.


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