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Sea of Thieves

Rare esittelee innovatiiviset mikromaksut Sea of Thievesiin


Sea of Thieves on muodostunut menestykseksi Rarelle ja Microsoftille. Tulossa on suunnitelmien mukaan lisäsisältöä peliin vielä pitkään. Uusi sisältö on oleva ilmaista, mutta jostain on rahaa saatava. Siispä tulossa on innovatiivisia mikromaksuja.

Suunnitteluvastaava Mike Chapman kertoi Games Industrylle, että lisäosat ovat ilmaisia, ja että Rare haluaa olla älykäs mikromaksuissaan.

Se ei vielä ole tiedossa, koska nämä innovatiiviset mikromaksut saadaan mukaan Sea of Thievesiin.

"We will never charge for those new content releases, because that would segregate our players. [...] The idea of having to buy an expansion in order to play with your friends - we'd never do that. We have no plans locked in place now on when we'd add monetization."

"The one thing I will say is if we do that, we won't just take something from another game and put it into Sea of Thieves. The way we've looked at mechanics, tried to innovate and do things differently, we'd want to do that with monetization as well. It's not just about taking another approach and forcing it into Sea of Thieves. With all of our mechanics, it has to feel at home. We won't step on the shoes of the gameplay, we won't segregate our players, we certainly never would do pay-to-win. It would be around something that players love, and a way for them to keep enjoying the content."

Sea of Thieves