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Analyytikon mukaan Playstation 5 tulee voittamaan seuraavan konsolisukupolven

Uuden konsolisukupolven odotetaan alkavan loppuvuonna 2020. Ja aina yhtä kiinnostavaa on se, kuka "voittaa". Nyt analyysifirma DFC Intelligence ounastelee, että Xbox Series X tulee tehoistaan huolimatta jäämään toiseksi, kun Playstation 5 lähtee kunnolla myymään.

Saapa nähdä, miten käy.

"In this battle of the engineers, Microsoft arguably came out on top. However, long-term DFC still believes the PlayStation 5 will be the best-selling system. Both Sony and Microsoft have the luxury of knowing that initial demand for their systems will outstrip supply. DFC is currently forecasting that due to coronavirus both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will ship in very limited quantities in 2020. There is the possibility they could be delayed into 2021. Nevertheless, the initial launch is key to determining the long-term reputation for a hardware system. The Xbox One had a strong launch due to its core base, but even on launch date the PlayStation 4 was widely perceived as the better product. Right now, Sony and Microsoft are being abundantly cautious. Microsoft has had limited success marketing to a wider audience, so they are determined to focus on the core tech base and some key brands. Sony's mass market penetration and perception is far less than it was in the heyday of the PlayStation 2. However, they have a key advantage in software, consumer recognition and global distribution. For the next few years, this advantage will probably be insurmountable for Microsoft and Xbox Series X."

Analyytikon mukaan Playstation 5 tulee voittamaan seuraavan konsolisukupolven

Kiitokset, WCCFTech

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