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      Outriders pudottaa jatkossa tuplasti enemmän legendaarista tavaraa

      Tilaa uutiskirjeemme tästä!

      * Pakollinen tieto

      People Can Fly -studion Outriders julkaistiin 1. huhtikuuta, ja heti samalla peli saatiin myös Xbox Game Passiin. Gamereactorin arvion voi lukea täältä. Julkaisun jälkeen kaikenlaisia ongelmia on ollut, ja niitä on hiljakseen korjailtu.

      Uusin päivitys on taas saapunut, ja nyt legendaarisen roinan saannin todennäköisyys on kaksinkertaistettu. Lisäksi jo saadun roinan saamisen todennäköisyys pienenee. Katso tarkemmat tiedot päivityksestä täältä.


      We've made some changes to the Legendary Drops.
      • Legendary Drop Rates, across the board, increased by 100%
      • Legendary Level Brackets have been removed, so that all Legendary items can drop at any level.
      - Previously, some items could only drop from enemies of certain levels or above. For example, the Ugake Cowl could only drop from enemies of level 48 or higher.

      • Legendary Anti-Duplication System implemented
      - This system will mean that if a character has an item in their inventory or stash and a duplicate item is rolled, the dropped item will be re-rolled once.
      - Note that this system does not guarantee that every drop will be unique. Rather, it is designed to provide a second roll at avoiding a duplicate.

      • Scripted Boss Loot (Chrysaloid, Yagak) are now able to drop all non-class specific Legendary Helmets
      - This change will improve the variety of items in the Campaign.
      - Previously, these bosses would only drop a selection of Legendaries (the same pool that was available in the Demo as well as the Cannonball Helmet).

      • The Luck system has been improved and players should no longer experience very long droughts without a Legendary item dropped during endgame.
      - The base scaling of Legendaries dropping through higher difficulty levels still applies, so you may will still want to farm as high as possible.

      General Patch Notes
      • [CONSOLES] Added extra options and settings for controller customization including Deadzones, Look Sensitivity, Acceleration and Legacy layouts
      • [XBOX] Improved Sign-in Times
      • [EPIC STORE VERSION] Fixed an issue that was preventing the pre-order Hell's Ranger gear from unlocking as intended
      • Made improvements to multiplayer connectivity
      • Earthborn Gear / Hell's Ranger DLC equipment can now be scrapped
      • Fixed an issue that was causing old inventory items to be marked as new.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented players from running if they were stunned while using the Trickster's Cyclone skill.
      • [EDIT for clarity] Fixed a bug that allowed a combination of two closely timed attacks to result in visual one-hit kill on players, from Alpha Perforo's and Behemoths / Brood Mothers
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Scrap Grenade projectile to be blocked by dead enemies.
      • Fixed a bug that caused Feed the Flames' Ash effect to not trigger properly in multiplayer.
      • Fixed a bug that caused Weapon mod 'Ravenous Locust' to not deal damage if used together with the 'Weightlessness' mod.
      • Mitigated an issue whereby players could get stuck in an animation after using Gravity Jump in multiplayer.
      • Crash Fixes.

      Extra Note
      We'll have more news of the second run of the appreciation package very soon and will deploy it when we've run a few more tests on it. We're hoping for it to be ready by Thursday but we'll confirm this on the day.

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