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Wardens Rising

Wardens Rising (Gamescom 2023) - Humanity depends on us!

Wardens Rising (Gamescom 2023) - Humanity depends on us!

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video, in which today we're going to talk about a special game and it's a special because, well, we discovered this game at Gamescom 2023 as you as you may imagine, okay, that's why we're talking about it here.
But also we were able to play it before its release date, okay, in a live stream, because our big Moxie friends just gave us an early access, okay, just gave us a code and well, you have our live stream just, well, our live stream replay uploaded to our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice, okay, so there you have it."

"But that's not the point right now. The point is that, well, we're going to talk about this game, which is a base defense game, and well, a PvE hero shooter action, okay, I'll explain that later.
Basically, we'll have to embark ourselves in a campaign to save humanity, protecting vital energy cores from massive alien or monster invasions, I don't have any clear what are they, but well, from massive enemy invasions, okay.
For that, for just protecting these vital energies and for protecting humanity itself, we'll have to use abilities, items, build defense towers with different powers, and much more that we'll discover throughout our progression during the game."

"And while destroying invaders and their bosses and upgrading our characters, etc. It's a game that you can play all alone or in a co-op mode, okay, if I don't remember wrong, you could play up to four players, okay, or just all alone.
The game's all thought for just playing it in co-op, okay, with some friends or with some random people, etc. But just not playing alone, but you can do it, of course, if you want to.
Actually, I just played by myself because, well, my friends couldn't play when I had to do the live stream, so I played it all alone and I had no problem at all, okay. It's just a stressful experience, but a good stressful experience, I'll explain it later."

"Well, first of all, what I have to say, of course, is that, well, how's the gameplay itself and how are we going to defend these vital energy cores from these massive enemy invasions. And as I've said, it's all about, well, shooting enemies, using our very own abilities, and obviously putting defense towers.
And, well, there are a lot of different types of defense towers, all of them with different powers, different, well, different abilities, they're for different things. For example, there are towers that are more based on just erasing an entire wave of enemies."

"There are towers that are just thought to focus on the most dangerous enemy, like that you can focus on the tiny ones, or maybe you can put one big tower that's going to focus on the more dangerous enemy.
And some tiny towers, well, at their size, to just erase the rest of enemies, the tiny enemies, some things like that. All the tactics and techniques, it's all up to you, but you'll have to, and you'll need to play with all the objects that you have.
And I can assure you that you have plenty of them, because we're not just talking about these towers, okay? We're talking about our character skills, which, well, I think we'll have up to five characters to choose from, okay?
At the version that we tried at Gamescom and during our livestream, we could choose between three different characters, but I think at the very end of the game, or at least at the point where the official release is going to happen, we'll have five, okay? Yes, if I don't remember wrong."

"But it's not only that, because we also have objects, and those objects will help us to defeat these enemy waves, thanks to, I don't know, their frozen abilities, their exploding abilities, etc.
And not only that, we'll also have a kind of drone, a kind of companion that, well, we can choose from different drones or different companions, and obviously every drone has their own abilities, their own passives, etc.
But all of them will help us to just, well, rebuild, for example, our power cores, etc. It's a little bit difficult to understand like that, because I'm explaining, I'm trying to explain you everything in a short amount of time, okay?
But the point is that we have different resources to just defend ourselves and our vital cores from these enemies, and we'll have to use them, all of them, properly, at the proper time, at the proper place, and at the proper, well, order, we can say, okay?
And maybe you think that it's a little bit overwhelming, but it's not. All the HUD, all the tutorial, all the user introduction, let's say like that, it's actually really easy to get used, it's really intuitive, and you know how to play really fast, okay?
Another thing is just to actually master your mechanics and your tactics and techniques, but that's another thing, but just learning how to play is really easy, so don't worry for that."

"Another thing is just the playing experience, which is, as I've said at the beginning, a little bit stressful, but in a good way, okay?
When you play these kind of base defense games, or at least in my opinion, you really expect a challenging, it doesn't make any sense to just put two super powerful towers at the, well, at the very base of the enemies and that's it, just erase and defeat all of them all in a row, that's not funny, that's not challenging.
And this game knows that and actually is going to force us to just go from one place to another to just try to reinforce our defenses or try to raise these waves, et cetera, and that's the funny part of the gameplay."

"Just you going from one place to another, getting stressed, trying to defend your cores, realizing why your towers are down, repair them, put some more, discovering that the enemies are just accessing to your vital core from another place that you didn't expect at all, so it's super funny in that term, okay?
And I have to say that the movement of all the characters, okay, because I think that they all move the same way, even though they have their own abilities, et cetera, but the movement of the main character is actually really fluent and dynamic and that helps a lot to just go from one place to another, which you need, okay?
So don't worry for that. Another thing is just how to use your skills and how to use your mechanics, et cetera, to survive, but I can't help with that because if you're watching the gameplay or if you watch the entire livestream replay, you realize that I was super messy, okay, trying to play the game, but I really had a lot of fun, okay, so there you have it."

"And what else? In terms of visual art, et cetera, I have to say that I was surprised because every map and every mission is different, every map has their own enemy entrances, every map has their own essence, they're all different, and just because of that, of course, you'll have to, well, manage to just remove all these enemy waves, and that's the challenging thing because, of course, you have a lot of things to just defend your base, a lot of objects, abilities, towers, as I've said before, and, of course, you're going to be able to upgrade them all, okay?
You'll be able to upgrade all your stats from your character, all your skills, all your objects, all your turrets, all your drones, et cetera, but it's all about forcing you to get to know how to defend in that proper time, in that proper moment, that's what I've said before."

"It's not just getting super powerful by upgrading all that, and as you have a lot of options, it's going to be super easy because you can upgrade all at the same time, and that's it, no, no, you'll have to adapt to your environment, you'll have to adapt to your level, and, well, you'll have to think and, well, use your better tactics to just defend your base.
And, I don't know, in general, I would say that it was a really surprising and a really satisfying experience, even though it was stressful, I have to say it, and, as I've said, again, if you watch the livestream, you're going to realize that I was really stressful, but I was laughing at all because it's a good stress, because it's like, as I've said, oh, my God, why this turret was down, I didn't realize, now they're entering from a place that I didn't expect, now I had to defend them, now I died, now I had to teleport to my base, you can do a lot of things, and that's the funny part. And, I don't know, just because of that, I would say that if you like base defense titles, but you also like super fast, dynamic, frenetic, and challenging games, that game is actually for you, okay?
It's all about being fast, thinking fast, and using everything that you can, okay, just to defend your base, which is the most important thing. And, I don't know, just keep going on the campaign, keep advancing, getting to know better all the story from your environment, from the character, etc., and just enjoy the experience, and that would be it."

"So, in general, as I've said, a really good experience, a really surprising positive experience, even though it's challenging and stressful, and a game that if you like shooter action based defense titles, you're going to enjoy a lot, okay?
We still don't have a release date itself for this game, okay? Well, the development team just told me that they plan to release it at the very first quarter of 2024, but we don't have anything clear yet, okay?
As I've said, you can enjoy our livestream replay, just in case that you want to know more about the game, and how's the experience, how's the gameplay, etc., and just have fun watching me super stressed, but laughing a lot, and that would be it."

"As I've said, a game developed and published by Big Moxie Games, a really challenging but funny game in which you can customize your gameplay as you want to, because you can choose from a lot of different objects, skills, characters, targets, etc.
You can customize everything as you want to, you can play with friends or all alone, so you can play however you want to, whenever you want to. So, a really cool game in general. I don't have anything else to say. Enjoy it, stay tuned, wait for it, because if you like the genre, you're going to love this title, and you're going to have fun, and you're going to be stressed, and maybe ask for some help to your friends in case that you want to keep going with the campaign, because I'm sure that it's going to be challenging, but you're going to love it, I promise. I'm not a fan of the genre, actually, as I've said several times in this video, I enjoy the experience a lot, and I really laugh, and I really have fun, so imagine if you're a fan of the genre."

"So, there you have it. I remind you, a shooter action-based defense game, which is going to be supposedly released at the very beginning of 2024, more or less, the first quarter of 2024, more or less, we don't have any official release date, and developed and published by Big Moxie Games.
I think that the game was supposed to be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and I think, if I'm not wrong, that it was going to have some cross-play, so there you have it.
Stay tuned, pay attention to it, and, well, just, I don't know, have fun trying to defend humanity and trying to defend your own base. I don't know, this game is actually really promising, so stay tuned, add it to your wishlist, and, well, you can rewatch our livestream, and there you have it."

"Thank you so much for being here, I hope you've enjoyed my very own impressions video, even though it's been more like a description video, but as you have our very own livestream reply, etc., which I've repeated a lot of times in this video, I'm so sorry for that, it wasn't my intention, but you don't have any better example than that, okay?
So, give it a check, try it out for yourselves if you have the chance, if they release a demo or whatever, and, for sure, have fun. See you in the next Game Reactor Gamescom Impressions video, have fun, take care, and see you soon. Bye-bye!"