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Join our Nordic Community Showdown in Call of Duty: Warzone and find out if you are the best Warzone player in the Nordics!

Take the role of team leader, gather two team mates and sign the three of you up as a Trio team.Tournament will take place in two stages, first a country tournament to find the best team in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden; and then finally a all out war for dominance over the Nordics by those 4 top teams.

Playtime will be 4 hours with teams submitting their top 3 rounds, 1 point for each kill and 5 points for a top 10 placement.

The tournament is played on PC, PS4 and Xbox and a Twitch account is required for the finals as they will be streamed live!

If you think you got what it takes to be the best in the Nordics, join us below!


The tournament is open for registration on the 3rd of July 2020, sign up end ends on the 17th 2020 at 23.59. Each team are made up by three team members whom are legal residents and residing in one of the participating countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

First part of the competition is a national competition in each country where teams from the same country are competing to be the best performing team and qualify for the Nordic finals. During the Nordic finals one team from each country are competing to take home the Public Nordic Showdown tournament.

In case the rules do not cover a situation, GR staff will make a ruling. In case the rules are unclear, GR will interpret. No protest is possible.

How to join the competition:

  • When: Sign up July 3 - 17. National Qualifications on July 18 and Nordic Finals on July 25.
  • Where: Play Warzone Trio July 18 between 15-19 CEST, choose 3 top matches and enter kills and placement on the scoreboard and provide a screenshot. Lack of proof or inaccessible stats on makes the entry/result invalid.
  • Organiser: GameReactor
  • Game: CoD Warzone
  • Platform: PC / PS4 / Xbox One
  • Scoring: Top 3 Rounds, 1 point per kill, 5 points for top10 placement
  • Elegibility: You have to live in, and be a legal citizen in a Nordic Country (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and must be at least 18 years old.


Gamemode is Battle Royal, Trio – three people per team. The team’s three best performing matches will be used to score each team. The team decides for themselves what matches to be used.

Crossplatform must be turned on.

Points: Top 10 = +5 points
Kill = (+1 point)

The system will calculate the points for you.

Only matches starting at 15.00 CEST count, no matches starting after 18.50 CEST counts.


If teams are tied, the following points will be used as tiebreakers.

  • Most combined kills in three games

  • Highest combined score in three games

  • Highest combined damage in three games


  • 1st Place:
    3x Astro A40 headsets
    3x 2.400 CP (platform of choice)

  • 2nd Place:
    3x Astro A40 headsets
    3x 2.400 CP (platform of choice)

  • 3rd Place:
    3x 2.400 CP (platform of choice)


Screenshots to verify kills and match placement of each match used must be send to [email protected] clearly marked with team name in the subject field of the email. When entering the score for the 3 selected rounds on the scoreboard page, upload the relevant screenshots.

  1. Players must fill in the scoreboard page after the time of play ends

  2. Players must take photo proof of each game, placement and kills


Support is available at [email protected] and on our Discord channel.


Rank Team Name Score Kills Tops Platform Country
1 NOR 0 0 0 PS4 dk
2 Karuc 0 0 0 PS4 no
3 Hadjis Angels 0 0 0 se
4 fresh 0 0 0 se
5 De Onde Mænd 0 0 0 dk
6 Tuttiritarit 0 0 0 fi
7 Power Puff Pigerne 0 0 0 dk
8 DKN1-yUUp! 0 0 0 dk
9 PRKeSport 0 0 0 fi
10 NothingButSuperstore 0 0 0 dk
11 Rumpedaskerne 0 0 0 no
12 Sleske Typer 0 0 0 dk
13 Area 57 0 0 0 se
14 sweden123 0 0 0 dk
15 MoBs 0 0 0 dk
16 LOORT 0 0 0 PS4 dk
17 Superior Old Men 0 0 0 no
18 SnSk 0 0 0 se
19 Kl300 0 0 0 PS4 dk
20 TKxGM 0 0 0 dk
21 GULAGIST 0 0 0 fi
22 Denssi 0 0 0 PS4 fi
23 Super Duber Humans 0 0 0 dk
24 Juicers 0 0 0 dk
25 Kyminpojat 0 0 0 PS4 fi
26 Team Startklar 0 0 0 se

Signup and scoring

Follow these simple steps to join:

  • The team leader does the registration for the whole team.
  • All information must be valid. If we cant track a team member, the entire team is disqualified, so be sure your information is correct. Only one entry is allowed per person and/or team. You will receive an email with a link to your personal score page. The leaderboard on this page will be updated automatically as you enter your score.
  • Scores must be entered correctly – if we cant verify the score of any member, the entire team is disqualified, so make sure you put in the correct number. No appeal is possible.
  • 18th of July 2020 - Trio Battle Royal, National qualifications.
    25th of July 2020 - Trio Battle Royal, Pan-Nordic finals.
  • The top team from each country will make it through to the Nordic Finals.
  • You must be visible and trackable and provide correct information when signing up, otherwise the entire team is disqualified. Failure to be visible on COD Tracker and for even one player means disqualification for the entire team.
  • You can follow this guide:

Remember you have to be logged in as Gamereactor user to fill up the tournament registration.