Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team Liquid kampesi Astralisin CS:GO:n kärjestä

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HLTV rankings on keino mitata, kuka onkaan se paras CS:GO:n e-urheilussa. Team Liquid on nyt kammennut kärkisijalta pois tanskalaisen Astralisin 14 kuukauden hallintajakson päätteeksi.

Astralisin valmentaja Danny 'Zonic' Sørensen onnitteli asiasta.

"First of all, I'd like to congratulate Team Liquid. They have fought hard and proven that they are worthy for a long time now. The number 1 spot is obviously important, but back in January, we chose to prioritize things that we knew potentially could cost us the spot. We have made a conscious decision that it's more important for Astralis to play in the right tournaments and perform our best than to participate in everything. That vision remains the same. "

"When we planned our schedule at the beginning of the year, we knew it could have consequences for our ranking spot. It's all about optimal preparation, to keep a healthy mental and physical balance and to perform the best we can. That's the way we have won our trophies in the past. We believe in that model. It helps us to perform our best and reach the goals we have put in front of us."

Huomionarvoista on, että kotimainen ENCE on listan sijalla kolme.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Team Liquid

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