Underdogs prevail on final day of group stage at DreamHack

TyLoo sends Luminosity packing, Ninjas in Pyjamas take down Astralis, and EnVyUs defeat Tempo Storm

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The final round of group stage games at DreamHack Masters Malmö - a do-or-die round for the teams involved - was filled with surprises. To put it shortly, the remaining favourites got knocked out in every match while the underdogs prevailed.

Chinese team TyLoo pulled a notable upset against Team Liquid on Wednesday, but that was merely a footnote to the result they managed yesterday. Going the full three maps, TyLoo defeated MLG Columbus Major champion and global top 3 team Luminosity Gaming. The Brazilian team was favourite to win the entire DreamHack Masters Malmö event, and to see them knocked out in the group stage by a Chinese team playing their first European event is simply shocking.

Supposedly TyLoo's coach Karsa had been up all night studying VODs and demos of Luminosity's games, and the hard work paid off. TyLoo won the first map, Cache, with a 16-14 score, while Luminosity took the second map, Overpass, 7-16. The decider map, Inferno, was a close game as well, where TyLoo clawed their way back from a deficit by taking seven rounds to end the game 16-12.

Ninjas in Pyjamas has a history of knocking Astralis out of LAN tournaments, and that happened once again in this Swedish-Danish rivalry. Their terrible game against Dignitas on the opening day seemed a distant memory, as the pajama-ninjas were in excellent form. On Cache they handed the Danes a stinging 16-5 defeat, further underlining the fact that it's one of their strongest maps.

NiP started out strong on the second map, Inferno, but Astralis rallied and took the lead. With dev1ce going off and dupreeh pulling a quadruple kill, they closed the map 9-16. And so it came down to the third map, Train. Astralis managed a slight 7-8 lead at half-time, but the Swedes were on fire and took nine rounds in the second half, closing the series with a 16-12 score.

The other Swedish team in the tournament, Godsent, ended Counter-Logic Gaming's tournament run with a 2-0 win. The team, led by former Fnatic in-game leader pronax, looked strong as they took down the Americans 19-16 on Overpas and 16-8 on Cache.

EnVyUs and Tempo Storm played each other on the first day of the tournament, a game that the Brazilian side won with a small lead. But in this rematch, EnVy finally found the comeuppance they had been looking for since losing to Tempo Storm at IEM Katowice, defeating them 2-0 across Dust2 (16-9) and Inferno (16-14).

Besides the upsets, there was another big story out of Malmö yesterday: Na'Vi's superstar AWPer, GuardiaN, has recovered from his injury and been given the go-ahead to play from his doctors. And so he'll be joining his team for the quarterfinals on Saturday.

The schedule for Saturday is (all times in CEST, deduct an hour if you're on UK time):

Saturday, April 16
10:15 - Pre-show
11:00 - Natus Vincere vs TyLoo - BO3
14:00 - Dignitas vs EnVyUs - BO3
17:00 - Mousesports vs Godsent - BO3
20:00 - Virtus.Pro vs Ninjas in Pyjamas - BO3

Ninjas in Pyjamas were clearly excited about their win over Astralis.

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