Inflexion Games pitää tärkeänä sitä verkosta irrallaan pelaamista Nightingale -pelissä

Early Access -palautteesta on otettu opiksi.

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Inflexion Games on julkaissut selviytymispelistään Nightingale lausunnon Steamissa. Early Access -vaiheesta on otettu opiksi, ja tärkeää on panostaa siihen "offline" -pelaamiseen eli siis verkosta irrallaan pelaamiseen.

"We are now prioritizing and developing an offline mode that we plan to release as soon as feasible. Keep an eye on our social channels and Discord for updates in the coming weeks alongside other things we're working on."

Miksi sitten näin ei ollut alusta alkaen? Koska painopisteenä oli muiden kanssa pelaaminen co-opin hengessä.

"Our vision for the game since inception was to create an interconnected series of Realms, with the idea of allowing for co-operative exploration in mind - a universe bigger than a single Realm or server. That meant we made a choice early in development between supporting co-op from day one or focusing development on an offline mode.

"Co-operative gameplay associated with having party members across multiple Realms was the more technically challenging problem and therefore the one we chose to tackle first. Looking back on that decision, we misjudged what some of you were looking for in your experience."


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