Mafia: Definitive Edition

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Mafia: Definitive Edition julkaistaan 28. elokuuta, ja tulossa on oikeastaan "remake" eikä niinkään remasterointi. Hangar 13 -studion Haden Blackman kertoikin US Gamerille, että tulossa on kokonaan uusia tehtäviä.

"For example, Sarah, the love interest in the original, she doesn't get very much screen time, but she's the heart of why Tommy Angelo is doing what he's doing. At the beginning of the game you learn that he's trying to arrange a way out of the life and he's doing it all for his family, so we wanted to make sure that as a player you knew what it was that he was trying to protect. We wanted to make sure that Sarah got more screen time; she's in the game more, has an understandable kind of role in the lowercase family and uppercase Family.

We took a hard look at each mission and looked at whether or not we could add additional set pieces. If there was additional content we could put into those missions to flesh them out a little bit, or add a couple more memorable moments to each without sacrificing the core narrative beats or the intent of the mission of the story overall."

Mafia II: Definitive Editionin arvion voi lukea täältä, ja Mafia III: Definitive Editionin arvion sitten täältä.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

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