The Gray Man

Netflixin The Gray Man 2 ei ole vielä varma juttu

Johto pohtii vielä, onko jatko tarpeellista.

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Jatko-osa Netflixin The Gray Manille olisi luullut olevan nopea ja selviö, mutta ei nyt sitten ehkä kuitenkaan. Colliderille puhunut Netflixin "head of film" Scott Stuber kertoi, ettei jatko ole lainkaan varmaa.

The Gray Man on yksi Netflixin kalleimmista elokuvatuotannoista.

"When we talk about it, the advantage we have is we have incredible actors; they're watchable, they're unique. So, you know, Joe and Anthony [Russo] have talked about, 'If we go back to it, how do we spend time with this guy, Ryan Gosling,' who I think is incredible."

"I just watch what he's doing right now, and I don't know if there's a better actor out there in terms of his range and what he's accomplishing. The ability to have him in a franchise like that is huge, so we gotta really slow down and make sure, 'What makes that character great, and how do we really extend that story?'"

The Gray Man

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