F-Zero GX

Nintendo ei ymmärtänyt, miten F-Zero GX tehtiin

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Toshihiro Nagoshin käsialaa on muun muassa peli F-Zero GX. Uusimmassa Edgessa (josta raportoi Reset Era) Nagoshi kertoi kokemuksiaan futuristisen ajopelin parissa. Pelin joka yllätti itse Nintendonkin.


Iso N oli niin vaikuttunut F-Zero GX:n teknisestä suoriutumisesta, että he halusivat nähdä pelin lähdekoodin ja toteutuneen tuotantoaikataulun. Nintendo ei ymmärtänyt, miten F-Zero GX oli saatu tehdyksi.

"Even though we'd lost the war in the hardware market, I wanted Nintendo to see how great Sega was as a company. We made lots of characters and courses, and we did the best we could for the graphics using the best technology of the time."

"Even though we'd tried really hard making games for Sega hardware, they never sold too well, but F-Zero sold over 1.5 M copies worldwide. We realised the only thing we needed to admit was that Sega did not have the ability to sell hardware (laughs). That as a developer (...) we did not need to be pessimistic at all."

"After it released, I got a call from Nintendo. They said they wanted to see all the source code for the game, and wanted me to explain how we'd made that game, in that timeframe and with that budget, in detail. They were wondering how we'd done it - they couldn't figure it out. We were able to achieve something a lot higher than what Nintendo had expected."

F-Zero GX

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