Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlawsissa voi saada peräänsä kartellien lähettämiä palkkionmetsästäjiä

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Ubisoftin Star Wars Outlaws paneutuu kaukaisen galaksin alamaailmaan. Pelaajan on tehtävä yhteistyötä paikallisten kartellien kanssa, mikä ei aina ole helppoa.

Kannattaa siis olla hyvissä väleissä, sillä kartellit saattavat lähettää pelaajan perään palkkionmetsästäjiä. Asiasta kertoi Game Informerille pelin ohjaaja Julian Gerighty.

"One of the key things of being a scoundrel, an outlaw, is that you live and die by your reputation with the syndicates. You'll be able to pick up jobs for the syndicates, and some of those jobs will propose to rip off another syndicate, or help with a smuggling route, that type of thing. And you can choose to do those for the syndicate, or maybe keep a little for yourself, and every single decision in those missions will affect your reputation with all of the syndicates. So it really is about spinning plates and making sure that you're not in too bad stead with any one of them, because if you do get in a bad reputation with them, they'll send assassins after you, and that you really don't want."

Kiinnostavaa on, että pelaaja voi myös varastaa kartelleilta niin halutessaan.

"We have faction territories for all of the different syndicates that contain not just distractions, contracts, vendors, but also a vault in the center. The vault is something that contains precious materials or precious objects, but you'll only be able to steal from them, so you'll only be able to break into it. No matter how good your Reputation is, you'll never be able to get into the vault without breaking in."

Star Wars Outlaws

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