The King of Fighters XV
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The King of Fighters XV laajenee kolmella tappelijalla Samurai Showdown -sarjasta

Haohmaru, Nakoruru ja Darli Dagger

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The King of Fighters XV julkaistiin helmikuussa 2022, ja tappelupelien malliin se aikoo laajentua vielä suuntaan jos toiseenkin hyvän tovin. Tuleva Team Samurai DLC esittelee kolmikon Haohmaru, Nakoruru ja Darli Dagger Samurai Showdown -sarjasta. Gamescomin humussa Gamereactor pääsi haastattelemaan Yasuyuki Odaa.

Katso siis koko haastattelu alta täällä Gamereactorissa.

"Coming in this autumn we have the Team Samurai which is going to be the final part of this season of KoF XV coming out. I would say that since the original game they come from, Samurai Shodown, is very different, but this time they're a lot more fun... not more fun but very KoF style, so there's a lot of really cool moves and things you can do with them that you wouldn't be able to do with them in the previous games".

"Obviously there's a lot of different things and characters have a lot of unique properties. Especially in KoF coming from different games and things like that, so it's very difficult. We usually are looking at things like tournament results and also just general gameplay data and such, and we kind of come in together to talk as a team to come up with what we think is the best solution. It's very hard to get the perfect balance, obviously, every developer out there knows that, but we do our best to get as close to that as possible."

The King of Fighters XV

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