Total War: Warhammer III

Total War: Warhammer III hinnoitteli laajennuksensa, ja fanikunta on harmissaan

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Creative Assembly on hinnoitellut tulevan laajennuksen Total War: Warhammer III - Shadows of Change. Mukana tulee kolme lordia, joitakin uusia yksiköitä ja uutta pelimekaniikkaa kampanjaan. Hintaa on rapia 25 euroa. Näin ollen hintaa on saman verran kuin ryhmittymäpaketilla Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Pelaavan kansan arviopommitus ei anna arvoa, ja Creative Assembly on nyt perustellut tekojaan blogissa. Kulut nyt nousevat ja sillä siisti.

"To get right into it: our costs are up. Unfortunately, that means that prices have to rise. We know any increase is going to be tough, which is why our prices have remained fairly stable over the past few years. The downside is that any increase today is going to be more noticeable.

There's no good time to increase prices, and we have not taken this step lightly. However, this is the business reality of supporting WARHAMMER III and ensuring we're able to offer the years of extra content that are currently planned.

That said, we do need to challenge ourselves to ensure that this cost still offers good value. Ultimately, that's up to each of you to decide and we'll keep trying to balance that. Of course, we want more people to play, we want to continue to deliver content you're excited to see, and we want to do that for as long as we can."

Total War: Warhammer III

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