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TV-sarja Gen V:n tähti Chance Perdomo on menehtynyt 27-vuotiaana

Moottoripyöräonnettomuus koitui kohtaloksi.

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Chance Perdomo muistetaan TV-sarjoista Gen V ja Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Näyttelijä on menehtynyt moottoripyöräonnettomuudessa 27-vuotiaana. Varietyn mukaan muita uhreja ei onnettomuudessa syntynyt.

Perdomon tiedottaja julkaisi asiasta tiedotteen.

"It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Chance Perdomo's untimely passing as a result of a motorcycle accident. Authorities have advised that no other individuals were involved. His passion for the arts and insatiable appetite for life was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth will carry on in those who he loved dearest. We ask to please respect the family's wish for privacy as they mourn the loss of their beloved son and brother."

Suruun ottivat osaa myös Gen V -sarjan tuottajat.

"We can't quite wrap our heads around this. For those of us who knew him and worked with him, Chance was always charming and smiling, an enthusiastic force of nature, an incredibly talented performer, and more than anything else, just a very kind, lovely person. Even writing about him in the past tense doesn't make sense.

"We are so sorry for Chance's family, and we are grieving the loss of our friend and colleague. Hug your loved ones tonight."

Gen V

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