Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo näyttää olevan Xboxilla paljon huonompi kuin Playstationilla

Digital Foundry on nimennyt Xboxin version suureksi pettymykseksi.

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Ghostwire Tokyo julkaistiin maaliskuussa 2022 PC:lle ja Playstation 5:lle. Hiljan Ghostwire Tokyo saatiin myös Xbox Series X:lle (ja S:lle), ja peli on myös Xbox Game Passin valikoimissa.

Teknologiavelhot Digital Foundrylla ovat todenneet, että Ghostwire Tokyo on teknisesti huomattavasti sujuvampi kokemus Playstationilla kuin Xboxilla.

"The PS5 simply runs Ghostwire: Tokyo in substantially better form than [Xbox] Series X, which is definitely a disappointment considering how poorly the PS5 ran the title to begin with. Series S runs considerably worse than either of the higher-end console platforms."

Xboxin versio onkin suuri pettymys.

"Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is a big disappointment. The key problems from the PS5 release haven't been fixed, so performance is inconsistent, input feels really sluggish, and there are a ridiculous number of visual options. And, on top of those common issues, frame rates tend to be substantially lower, and ray tracing quality is worse and suffers from visual glitches."

Ghostwire Tokyo

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