Dead or Alive 6

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Christie liittyi mukaan turpakäräjille pelissä Dead or Alive 3, ja on mukana myös tulevassa Dead or Alive 6:ssa.

"A cold-blooded assassin and a master of the art of Shequan (Snake Fist).
Former associate and a rival of Bayman. She was placed in charge of arranging the assassination of Fame Douglas by Victor Donovan, and also monitored Helena's movements for him under the guise of working as her attendant. Currently she works for M.I.S.T. as Donovan's loyal servant, and her true relation to Rig is still covered in mystery."</em>

Dead or Alive 6 julkaistaan 15. helmikuuta 2019 PC:lle, PS4:lle ja Xbox Onelle.

Dead or Alive 6

Kiitokset, Team Ninja

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